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Transform Marketing Data into Actionable Insights with Predictive Analytics and AI

Collect, Centralise, Activate, Predict, and Generate for Marketing Success

Why marketers love Datafy

Elevating Marketing Success: Our Proven Impact

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Identify High-Value Customers

Effortlessly identify and target your most valuable customers by harnessing the power of data and predictive analytics. Maximise your ROI by focusing your efforts where they matter most.

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Improve Campaign Performance

Enhance the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns through data-driven insights. Optimise your strategies, refine your targeting, and watch your campaign performance soar to new heights.

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Unlock the Power of AI-Driven Content

Auto-create tailored campaign content and visuals. By analysing past data and performance metrics, we deliver bespoke marketing materials that resonate deeply with your audience, driving engagement and conversion rates skyward.

#1 for Growth Teams: Unleash Your Potential with Propensity Modelling and Multi-Channel Activation

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Propensity Modelling

Our proprietary approach to propensity modeling is at the heart of our success. It's not just about identifying high-value customers, it's about identifying them with unparalleled accuracy and efficiency

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Automated Audience Creation

Simplify and supercharge your marketing efforts with our effortless audience segmentation. Pinpoint specific customer segments with laster precision.

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Advanced Bidding Strategies

Harness the full potential of your marketing campaigns with our advanced bidding strategies. Our platform takes data-driven decision-making to the next level by seamlessly integrating predictive scores, values, and conversion events directly into your ad accounts.

Generative AI

Our generative AI platform automatically generates campaign content, such as ad copy, images, and videos, based on your marketing data. This saves you time and resources, and it ensures that your content is always relevant and engaging.

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Sync your data with your ad platforms

Sync your data with tools like Facebook custom audiences and Google Ads customer match for better targeting and AI optimisation for increased ROAS.


Silvia Bertoletti,
PPC Marketing Manager, 

Our ad ROAS improved by 40%, thanks to a more accurate view of our Facebook attribution, made possible by Datafy's tracking."

Zack Williams,

Head of Ecommerce,

Love in Faith

" With all of our ad metrics in one place, we've been able to make data-driven decisions that have led to significant improvements in our campaigns."

Emily Courcy, 

Director of Growth Marketing,


The segmentation features are incredibly powerful, helping us to target our ideal customers more effectively than ever before

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