Accurate Ad Data for Shopify Sales Attribution

Track your Shopify store sales back to the correct ad on Facebook & use accurate data to optimise for better ad performance — all in one place.

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The leading conversion tracking tool for Shopify stores

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Recover data lost with iOS14.5

Datafy lets you regain visibility on your Facebook ads to levels prior to iOS14.5. This let's you scale confidently by knowing exactly which ads are getting sales.

Simply put, we give you better data to make better decisions.

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Never miss another sale

Ensure that 100% of your Shopify sales are tracked and attributed back to the correct Facebook ad, every time. 

First Party Data for Cookieless Future

Our server-side tracking helps you collect your first party data with full privacy compliance, which means you no longer have to rely on third party cookies, which are now blocked by all the major browsers.

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Sync Data with your Ad Platform

Sync your data with Facebook custom audiences and Google customer match for better targeting, and feed their AI optimisation for increased ROAS!

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Stay ahead of the curve with alerts

Datafy lets you set automatic alerts on your most important metrics and dashboards which are then delivered by email, Slack, and many other channels

Advanced Analytics

Our advanced analytics provide you with a unique experience of being able to act on the data immediately to increase ad performance.

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Nick Wojdyla, Digital Marketing Leader

"Our ad ROAS improved by 40%, thanks to a more accurate view of our Facebook attribution, made possible by Datafy's tracking."


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