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Turn your marketing data into revenue growth

Datafy unifies your omni-channel marketing data to identify which channels, copy, and content drive growth - no coding or setup required.

#1 multi-channel analytics software for growth teams

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Why growth teams love Datafy

Connect your marketing, sales and product data and make real time predictions on growth metrics at scale without any coding or set-up time.

data in once place

All your data in  one place

Datafy automates the process of centralising all your data, enabling you to make better-informed decisions and improve business performance. With Datafy, you save time and effort while gaining valuable insights into customer behaviour.

personalise customer experience

Personalise Customer Experience

Datafy empowers you to create more targeted and personalised experiences for your customers. Deliver more relevant content, promotions, and product recommendations, driving customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

cut reporting times

Cut Reporting Time by 50%

Spend less time on manual data transfer and reporting. Focus on value-adding activities like data analysis and optimisation with Datafy to gain a competitive advantage.

create your single source of truth

Datafy integrates your marketing data from 350+ platforms and makes it ready for analysis in your chosen BI Tools.

single source of truth

Spend Confidently With Better Attribution

Get clarity on your media investments and performance. Our technology tracks all your first party data to help increase your ROI on ad spend.

spend marketing confidently
save 20 hours per week

Save 20 hours a week with Datafy

No more time-consuming manual spreadsheet to run your daily, weekly and monthly dashboards process. Your dashboards are auto-generated in real time.

Build cross-channel dashboards

With Datafy for Looker Studio, you can easily generate personalised cross-channel dashboards with key performance indicators that matter to you. We offer a wide range of ready-to-use templates, or you can create your own from scratch. 

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data integration

Sync your data with your ad platforms

Sync your data with tools like Facebook custom audiences and Google Ads customer match for better targeting and AI optimisation for increased ROAS.


Stay ahead the curve with alerts

Datafy lets you set automatic alerts on your most important metrics and dashboards which are then delivered by email, Slack, and many other channels.


Silvia Bertoletti,
PPC Marketing Manager, 

Our ad ROAS improved by 40%, thanks to a more accurate view of our Facebook attribution, made possible by Datafy's tracking."

Zack Williams,

Head of Ecommerce,

Love in Faith

" With all of our ad metrics in one place, we've been able to make data-driven decisions that have led to significant improvements in our campaigns."

Emily Courcy, 

Director of Growth Marketing,


The segmentation features are incredibly powerful, helping us to target our ideal customers more effectively than ever before

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