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  • Can I get a demo?
    You can book a demo slot with one of our experts by emailing
  • How fast can Datafy be set up and will it take editing lots of code?
    Datafy can be set up in minutes and no, even non-technical users will be able to complete setup. Even better, when you sign up for Datafy, you will have a dedicated rep to help you.
  • What integrations do you offer?
    Datafy currently supports Shopify and Facebook Ads.
  • Do you offer enterprise plans for custom setup and priority support?
    Yes, Datafy's enterprise plans are a popular option for Shopify Plus merchants and other stores intent on major growth. These plans give you access to a dedicated account manager who can assist with custom setup and reporting.
  • Why use Datafy over ad platform reporting?
    Due to iOS14.5 changes, the ad platforms are no longer able to report on conversions that occur from an iOS device. Datafy tracks these missing conversions, to give you more accurate data to make better decisions.
  • How does Datafy train my ad platform AI's to find customers better?
    Datafy allows you to send data via conversions api to ad platforms to match conversions back to the ad that generated the sale. Once the data is uploaded you can set your ad platforms to optimize based on Datafy’s far more accurate data, thus improving your ad targeting.
  • Does Datafy track campaigns retroactively?
    Existing campaigns you add to Datafy are not retroactively tracked. Datafy will track all campaigns from the point that you connect your ad account to your Datafy account.
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