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Facebook Campaign Budget Optimisation Tips to drive better results

Managing how to distribute Ad budget and being able to justify it is a headache many Advertisers have faced in their careers. A few years ago (thankfully), Facebook launched Campaign Budget optimisation (CBO), a feature that makes it easy to distribute your budget efficiently and in the process, made life just a little easier for Advertisers. Before it was introduced, advertisers had to set daily or lifetime budgets at the ad set level.

CBO optimises the distribution of the budget allocated to a campaign across its Ad sets. “This means Facebook continuously finds the best available opportunities for results across your ad sets and distributes your campaign budget in real time to get those results.


It works by setting one central campaign budget with the flexibility to spend more on ad sets with the best opportunities, and less on underperforming ad sets. The amount you set can be applied as a daily budget or a lifetime budget. Using a lifetime budget, your Ads can still run even if your active ad sets have different schedules.

CBO may not spend your budget equally for each ad set. For example, if you have 2 active ad sets in your campaign, Facebook might spend 90% of your budget on one ad set if that’s how it can get the overall best results. Therefore, when you use CBO, it’s important to analyze results at the campaign level, rather than at the ad set level.

Using campaign budget optimisation, advertisers can set one central campaign budget to optimise across ad sets by distributing budget to the top performing ad sets in real time. Campaign budget optimisation is available for any campaign objective and is best suited for campaigns with multiple ad sets.

CBO basically helps you coordinate the automatic redistribution of your budget to the best performing audience. The whole point is to step back and let the algorithm manage the process.

According to Facebook, some benefits of Campaign Budget Optimisation (CBO) include:

- Obtain more value from campaigns

- Spend less time managing campaigns

- Simplified campaign management

- De-duplicate Audiences

- Avoid restarting the learning phase

- Efficiently spend across Audiences.


There are many ways to leverage Campaign Budget Optimisation, below are a few tips to ensure you’re getting the best results.

Group relevant Ad sets together

If your ad sets overlap or perhaps produce the same results, grouping them into one large ad set will ensure that CBO is using the best suited Audience in each of those ad sets. The more people to test your ads against, the more likely CBO will succeed.

Grouping your Ads into one larger Ad set (if you have an audience overlap) can ensure that Campaign Budget Optimisation is using the best type of Audience in each of those Ad sets. The more people to test your ads against, the more likely Campaign Budget optimisation will be able to get the best results for you.

Group your retargeting Audience based on their stages in the Marketing funnel

Separate your Audience into the appropriate dedicated CBO campaigns so you can achieve your goals at every step of the funnel. Those who have visited your site or taken an action on your website for example should be targeted with a different strategy from people who engaged less and need a little push.

Focus on the total number of results for the entire Campaign

With CBO, you would set your ad set budgets, see how those ad sets performed and optimise accordingly by shutting off underperforming ad sets. The way CBO works requires that you avoid making changes to the ad sets within your campaigns, even in situations where a given ad set is under performing. According to Facebook “When viewing the results of a campaign that used campaign budget optimisation and the lowest cost bid strategy, you may see some numbers that are different from what you expected. You shouldn’t make any conclusions on how campaign budget optimisation distributes your budget based on the average cost per result for each ad set and how much we spent on it.” Instead, it might be better to consider the total number of results for your campaign and the average cost per result at the campaign level.”

Apply spend limits where appropriate

When you first start using this feature, Facebook may not allocate budget in the most efficient way possible. Using the maximum and minimum spend limits will make sure that Facebook is allocating budget to all ad sets.

This is especially important during the start of a campaign because you want all ad sets to process enough data to leave the learning phase and to determine statistically significant performance trends. Utilizing spend limits allows you to maintain some control over your ad set budgets throughout the lifetime of your campaign if that’s what you want.

In Summary

If you set up Ad sets and targeting properly, Campaign Budget Optimisation will run your Ads in the most efficient way possible in order to get the overall best results based on your Objective.

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